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The MARKER STONE TRAVELS & TOURS Company is conveniently situated only 4 minutes walk from the Medieval City of BHAKTAPUR. This fabulous city has been the subject of many international Documentaries and is registered with UNESCO as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

Marker Stone Travels is dedicated to making travel simple. Our primary mission is Preserve Planet Earth, a tourism approach that we are currently spearheading in Nepal and a mentality that everyone at Marker Stone cares deeply about. While dedicated to these ideas, we specialize in a complete range of travel-related services and adventure activities, from five-star to budget class. In providing this full range of travel- and adventure-related activities, Marker Stone Travels continues to promote responsible tourism, sustainable development of the country and preservation of local cultures and traditions. As always, we continue to place a significant priority on the continual improvement of our services in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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The Nepali Culture Dinner was wonderful. Thank you so much for arranging the upgrad...

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